Froot Loops Run-A-Wave, an endless runner html5 game

Client: Kellogg
Roll: Development, Level Design
Target Platforms: Desktop, tablet and mobile

This html5 game is a 2d physics based endless runner that features 4 graphically rich environments that gradually increase in difficulty as the player continues through each zone. Having originally written this game in AS3, this was my introduction to developing html5 games. Getting this game to work on mobile and at a satisfactory level of performance was the main challenge with this game. To that end a number of optimizations had to be made to it after the direct port to html5 canvas based rendering was complete. The original js implementation was re-written to use a hardware accelerated (WebGL) rendering system and the game object manager was re-written to pool objects, getting rid of the need to create new objects objects at runtime (and the resulting frame drop). These optimizations resulted in an html5 game that mirrored the original’s 60FPS performance.