Games, Applications, and Web Sites

I’m a software engineer with experience in games, web and native mobile application development. Originally trained as a problem solver in the design realm, I quickly began teaching myself to code, ultimately landing my current role as a senior software engineer. Throughout the course of my career, I’ve had the great opportunity and fortune of being able to provide:

  • flash and html5 front end game development expertise to a wide variety of brands under the Kellogg’s banner
  • AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) development for several major digital properties under Kellogg’s and Ford
  • AEM and React development expertise and team leadership for the large scale e-commerce website for Meijer

While the majority of my focus has been on client-side development, I am also familiar enough with server-side development to interface well with backend developers. Originally a designer, I was inspired to learn development by the interactive experiences only a skilled developer can create. This background in design also gives me design sensibilities rarely possessed by developers. I’m currently serving as Software Engineer III, Front End at Axiom Global, writing React application code for a company that provides a global platform for on-demand specialized legal talent.

Animation principles and techniques
Game Development
Unity Game Engine
Responsive Sites
Single Page Applications (Angular, React)
CMS Site and Component Development (AEM, Wordpress, Joomla)

Featured Work

Areas of Expertise

I can bring your projects to life by providing expertise in the following areas:
Interactive Development
Whether it's a game, website or single page application, how your product interacts with your users can make a big impact on user engagement, helping to make your brand more memorable. My rare combination of animation design principles knowledge and animation / rendering libraries familiarity allow me to create a wide variety of highly impactful, richly interactive experiences.
Game Development
I enjoy taking a game idea and crafting it into an evocative experience. I’ve built games using a handful of carefully selected frameworks as well as complete full featured modern game engines. I’ve written custom tooling for game design, be it for level design, UI positioning or runtime physics tuning. After functionality is complete, I optimize until the game runs at it’s desired frame rate across all of it’s target platforms.
Web Site Development
I'm fully versed in all phases of website production and have a wealth of experience building CMS sites and components. From planning to deployment, I have lead in implementation, testing, and maintenance for hundreds of projects. During development I use the latest tools and techniques to write clean, maintainable and well optimized code to create best end user experience possible.


E-mail: Phone: (231) 846 3134